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Sat May 25 @ 9:30AM - 12:30PM
25th Annual Allstar T-ball Game

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I got to tell you, I really did not see any way that the weather would break so that we could play ball today. I talked to a couple dozen families between 7:01am and 9:00am. On nearly every call, I think I said, "I really don't think its gonna happen", but I also said "Its up to the Crawdads, because its their field. They will let us know if they decide that we can't play".

Well, they never called. Our setup team showed up at 8:45am in the downpouring rain and waited to see if the Crawdads were going to open the gate for us. Around 9:05, the gate opened. The rain tapered off. We talked with our contact person, Charlie Downs. Charlie said he was planning on uncovering the field at 9 to see how it looked. He had everyone's best interest in mind the whole time and decided to give us every opportunity to play.

By 9:30 the rain had stopped, the clouds began to break, a ray of sun poked out of the fog and we decided to setup tents for the food and make a go of it. In the back of mind, I was still afraid that it wasn't going to happen. Thank goodness I'm not in charge.

It was a great day. Please take a look at the photos from the game here:


Download all 115 photos compressed in a zip file (13MB) here:


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