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Sat May 25 @ 9:30AM - 12:30PM
25th Annual Allstar T-ball Game

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“Let’s Play Ball!” Each Spring more than 70 local children and adults alike look forward to hearing these words during each of the 10 weeks of the Walkin’ Roll Activities League, Inc. T-Ball season. Completing this year’s season will be the organization’s 16th Annual All Star T-Ball game set for Saturday, May 22nd at L.P. Frans Stadium, Hickory. With the opening ceremony to start at 9:45 a.m., the games will immediately follow. A light lunch will be served following the game.

T-ball, offered by Walkin’ Roll annually, is one of many activities designed to assist and nurture individuals with disabilities by providing opportunities that may not be available otherwise. Some Walkin’ Roll team members are in the public school system where they may see their fellow schoolmates in baseball games and other organized sports. Often times Walkin’ Roll team members are not included due to a disability, making it impossible for them to experience organized sports or competitive play.

Walkin’ Roll Activities League, Inc. strives to make sure all of its players, ranging in ages from 3 to 53, are respected and their skills are enhanced. Everyone gets to play. Everyone is safe at first base regardless of how far the ball is hit.



There are no charges to participate in the Walkin’ Roll T-Ball program and only minimal fees are charged during Walkin’ Roll’s bowling season in the fall. All fees pay for use of the bowling lanes, trophies, equipment or other related expenses. Because many participant families spend considerable money on medical bills, Walkin’ Roll’s various activities provide fun and stimulating activities for little cost.


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