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Our 25th Anniversay All-star game is over. Fun was had by all. 

The event began at 10:30am with an Opening Ceremony. 

This is the date that we have all been waiting for. This is the final game also known as the Allstar game. The final game is played at the Hickory Crawdads' L.P. Frans Stadium on the big field with the whole place set aside just for us. We have announcers, we have a scoreboard with your player's name, we have the big field with Yep, you guessed it the Big Players too. We usually get about 6 Hickory Crawdads players on the field participating with us.

If you have planned to ask the Grandparents to come see their grandchild play, but never got around to it, Well, this is the game you would want to do that for.

The whole family is invited to join us for lunch and the lunch is provided free of charge following each of two games. Every player will get a trophy and is guaranteed to have FUN!


Click here to see photo from the 2019 All-Star game

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